Our Staff

Cher Burkey

PSP OOHC Casework Practice Manager

I am a Kamilaroi woman and I have been living on Wonnarua Country for the past several years. I recently joined the OOHC/PSP team at Wandiyali as a Casework Coordinator. I have worked in Non-Government and Government roles across Out of Home Care (OOHC/PSP), Family Preservation and Child Protection related roles. My focus in these various roles has been aimed around in keeping children connected to family and further extending this to supporting children and families to connect to Culture and strengthening community ties.

I am passionate about working among the Permanency Support Program framework to support Aboriginal children and families to strengthen and maintain a close connection with Culture and community to support alternative permanency pathways.

Within my role at Wandiyali I am driven to continue supporting Caseworkers to empower and enable positive change for children/young people and families.

Newcastle-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisation