Wandiyali Child Care Centre

Wandiyali Childcare Centre is a secure, caring, nurturing and inclusive environment. We have created a home like atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to families, children and the community.

Wandiyali Child Care Centre is a family, built on strong connections and working together in partnership to provide the foundation of growth and education of each child. Learning is enriched when you have a sense of belonging. Our talented educators achieve this is the following way:

  • We provide an unhurried environment with meaningful, interest based experiences that give children the opportunity to grow and learn 
  • Our indoor and outdoor environments are natural, inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities.
  • Our passionate and dedicated educators work towards achieving a shared goal - quality care and education for each child

About our Centre:

  • Our centre is open from 8:00am til 5:00pm weekdays.
  • We cater for children aged 2-6 years in a family group setting.
  • We have more than 5 talented educators, including an Early Childhood Teacher, who work closely with the children to develop group and individualised programs.
  • Our Caterpillar Group is for our children aged 2-3. Their focus is on language development and socialisation skills which are developed through a variety of interest based activities.
  • Our Cocoon Group is for our children aged 3-4. Their focus is on communication skills, social skills and cognitive development. The Cocoon Group participate in a variety of hands on investigations.
  • Our Butterfly Group is for our children aged 4-6. Their focus is on participating effectively as part of a group and school readiness. Our School readiness program is embedded into our daily programming and we liaise with local schools to ensure that our children are able to successfully make the transition from care to ‘big school.’

If you are interested in sending your child to our centre, contact our Centre Director to arrange a walk-through and enrolment information.

Visit our social media pages for more information:

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Contact Person
Angela Taylor-Ilievski
(02) 4954 5174
1A Oakland Street
Glendale NSW 2285