Brighter Futures

The Brighter Futures Program is an early intervention program designed to provide support and assistance to vulnerable families who are at risk of entering the Child Protection System.

The program aims to develop skills within families to cope with the challenges that being a parent can bring, and to build resilience in children.

Wandiyali is the Indigenous Lead Agency for the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region. Our Team consists of a Manager, 5 Case Workers and our 2 Ginda Wakulda workers, who run a program within the home to help parents learn to play and respond to the developmental needs of their children.

Families who join the Brighter Futures Program will have access to Case Management, Home Visiting and Ginda Wakulda.

In addition to these services provided by Wandiyali, Brighter Futures can also help families access other services and programs to work on better outcomes for the children.

To be eligible for the Brighter Futures Program, families must have a child under the age of 8, or be expecting a baby.

They must also have at least one of the following vulnerabilities:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Parental Drug and/or Alcohol Misuse
  • Parental Mental Health Issues
  • Parents with Significant Learning Difficulties or Intellectual Disability
  • Lack of Parenting Skills or identified Inadequate Supervision
Contact Person
Jenna Ward
(02) 4957 5900
116 Lake Road
Elermore Vale NSW 2287