Wandiyali Mural

Our Mural was designed and painted by talented Aborignal Artisit Lauren Freestone.

The Mural is a simple design based around community and the support provided by Wandiyali.

In the top left there is the main meeting circle. The three U shape symbols represent Stephen Kilroy, Vicki Docherty and ATSIC Commissioner James (Jimmy) Wright in the same colouring as the Wandiyali logo. This represents the meeting that brought Wandiyali to life.

The rest of the mural design shows the ripple effect from that meeting out into the community.

Each of the smaller meeting circles represent different communities and individuals in which Wandiyali has provided support, direction, oppurtunity and purpose. Each community has lines flowing out into the next. The idea of the ripple effect is to show how helping those in need can benefit the community as a whole.

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