Birriwal Support Service

Funded by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, this service is aimed at supporting families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and youth aged between 7-13 years who have been expelled or suspended from school, come from homes where there is an occurrence of domestic and family violence, alcohol and other drug abuse. Service delivery is restricted to the Port Stephens area.

The Project aims to:

  • Reduce the incidences of expulsion or suspension
  • Support and Improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal Children
  • Reduce instances of domestic and family violence
  • Reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Reduce contact with the criminal justice system

Focus of service delivery will be on the following areas:

  • Closing the Gap on Indigenous educational disadvantage
  • Role modelling of positive personal and community behaviours
  • Healthy lifestyle education choices
  • Child and Family wellbeing and parenting
  • Safety in the home
  • Coordinated support systems

The Birriwal case workers will:

  • Work closely with local schools, principals and teachers to strengthen education and participation
  • Identify services and interventions needed to address the needs of the children and youth within the program
  • Work with the wider community to ensure culturally appropriate services and inclusion are occurring within service delivery, schools, medical centres etc.
Contact Person
Kerrie Gallucci
(02) 4987 7685
116 Lake Road
Elermore Vale NSW 2287