Out Of Home Care Children’s Services

Wandiyali Children's Services is the approved branch of the organisation responsible for the case management of Aboriginal children and young people in statutory Out of Home Care (OOHC). Wandiyali achieved provisional accreditation with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian in November 2012, followed by full accrediation in October 2016, and now case manages over 110 children and young people in OOHC.

Wandiyali Children's Services has children and young people in placements across the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and rural Hunter Valley areas. These placements include: foster care, kinship care; emergency and respite care; and short term placements. All placements are with authorised foster carers.

Wandiyali Children's Services employs more than nine (9) Caseworkers who provide a dedicated and culturally inclusive approach to supporting both children in care and the foster/kinship carers. 

As an Aboriginal organisation Wandiyali Children's Services is committed to keeping Aboriginal children and young people connected to their culture and their community. All children and young people have Culture Plans that assist children and young people to understand who they are; where they have come from; and how they can participate and maintain culture as an important part of their identity and their lives.

Wandiyali Children's Services invites Aboriginal people who may be interested in becoming foster carers to call us and have a no obligation yarn about fostering. Please contact Stephanie Smith for more information about becoming a carer. 

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Contact Person
Wade Mahoney
(02) 4957 5900
116 Lake Road
Elermore Vale NSW 2287