To offer culturally appropriate services that support, nurture and empower the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.


Wandiyali will provide the best possible support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who access our services.

Guiding Principles

Wandiyali encourages its staff, clients and Board of Directors to achieve their full potential, to take control of their lives and live with dignity in the following approach:

  • Our services are client centred
  • All (staff, clients and Board members) are to be treated with dignity and respect at all times - these are minimum expectations
  • We have written policies on client rights/personnel issues
  • All are encouraged towards ongoing improvements in knowledge and skills
  • We promote participation in decision-making
  • We assist people to develop knowledge and the resources to use the knowledge
  • We maintain confidentiality of both clients and staff
  • We encourage open communication

Wandiyali will work towards continuous quality improvement:

  • Employees and Board members are prepared to seriously evaluate and implement changes to services
  • Evaluations are participatory, involving staff, committee, members and other significant stakeholders
  • We seek to clearly identify the need before we deliver services
  • We keep our resources under review
  • When resources are limited, our resources go to least advantaged
  • We work towards a fair and equitable society

Wandiyali employees and Board members can expect:

  • Equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement matched to skills and aptitude
  • That we respect their dignity, integrity and humanity
  • That they are involved in decision-making
  • That compensation will be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe
  • Competent management, and actions which are just, ethical and accountable
  • A working environment which promotes individual responsibility, creativity and achievement
  • Continuing support and encouragement to achieve their full potential as human service workers

Wandiyali volunteers can expect:

  • Training
  • Assistance with service planning and development
  • Accreditation and recognition of the value of their contribution
  • Continuing support

Wandiyali expectations of employees, board members and volunteers:

  • Excellent service to clients and the community
  • Teamwork, common purpose and enthusiasm
  • Open and honest communication
  • Acceptance of organisational policies, procedures, standards and values